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Pest Control in Palm Beach

Soak up some sun in Palm Beach, Florida. It's a recreational hotspot for golfers, water sports enthusiasts, and naturalists. The John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is the only state park in the Palm Beaches. Residents and tourists love the sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The park offers special events throughout the year, including sea turtle programs and musical concerts. People who live in Palm Beach enjoy the opportunity to hike nature trails, practice their kayak skills, picnic on the beach, and play a round of golf to unwind after a long week. The Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course and the amazing Country Club offer plenty of high-class sports and entertainment for all. What's not to love about Palm Beach? The weather is warm all year long, the ocean breezes blow right into your window, and you are living the Florida dream. Then, the pests show up. Pest control is a necessary element of life in Palm Beach. Thankfully, Choice Pest Control is here to keep your home pest free.

Pest Control Experts Since 1995

Rodents and insects love the humid climate in Palm Beach. Our company's headquarters are nearby in Lake Worth Beach. As a locally owned and operated pest control company, we fully understand the challenges of raising a family and keeping a safe, clean home environment in this area of the state. We're on the job, so if you have a pest problem, let us know at (561) 582-7500.

Common Pests Found in Palm Beach

If they are getting into your home, we have a solution to get rid of them. No bug or rodent scares us away! Let Choice Pest Control exterminate your home's pests and keep them from coming back.


Did you know there are thousands of species of ants? Sugar ants, carpenter ants, and crazy ants are just three of the many kinds found in this area. If you have an ant problem, there are probably more in your home than you see. When ants find a food or water source in your home (including your kitchen), they will keep coming back. This makes them one insect that is difficult to get rid of on your own. As pest control experts, we will fight your ant war for you. We have an excellent track record of getting rid of the entire ant colony, so you don't need to worry about them returning in the future.

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Cockroaches are a particular nuisance in Florida. They are difficult to get rid of on your own because there are almost always more of them than you can see. They are excellent at hiding. If you don't want cockroaches hiding in your house (and who does?), give us a call. We know all the best techniques to fight roaches.

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Do you have an infestation of spiders? Some spiders can be dangerous. Common spider species in this area include Black and Brown Widows, Brown Recluse, Crab Spiders, Jumping Spiders, Daddy Long Legs, and Golden Silk Orb-Weavers. Don't risk the health of your family. Give us a call and we'll rid your home of your arachnid pest.

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Termites are really bad news for homeowners. They eat your house. Don't let a little insect ruin your happy Palm Beach home. Get regular termite inspections to make sure your home is termite-free.

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Choice Pest Control is the Answer to Your Pest Problems

Let's take a quick look at the reasons people call us first:

When a bug, rodent, or arachnid starts to bother you in your Palm Beach home, it's time to contact us. Call (561) 582-7500 to schedule an appointment. You won't regret it.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Incorporated in 1956, it has a total area of 5.8 square miles. Its total population exceeds 12,000 people.

There are 4 zip codes in Palm Beach.