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Recurring Pest Control Service Contracts

We offer a Monthly and/or Bimonthly (every other month) recurring pest control service contract for both residential and commercial accounts. The type of pests typically covered are: most all ants, roaches, silverfish, paper wasp and a variety of other pests that are also common household pests.

Additionally, rodents (mice or rats) can be controlled under a recurring pest control contract as well as carpenter ants and spiders. However, to cover and control these pests will cost a little more money depending on the estimated degree of infestation as well as the size of the structure or treatment area. We also can provide treatment for: Mosquitos, Bed Bugs and Bees!

Scope of Service

Both service plans above include treating the interior and exterior perimeter to help prevent pest problems. In the event a pest problem are observed between regularly scheduled services and the customer contacts us in a timely manner we will schedule a follow-up service targeting the problem being reported and render an appropriate service at no additional charge so long as the pests reported are identified as a covered pest that were originally listed within the original pest control recurring service contract.

Commercial Structures

In the event a commercial pest control contract is requested there will be a written Scope of Service outlining what the customer is responsible to take care of and what Choice Pest Control is responsible to take care of and/or treat. This is a specific guide or proposes expectations to streamline the pest control

Term of Recurring Contracts

Please note that depending on the type of structure needing pest control service for both recurring service types (Monthly or Bimonthly) are a minimum term of one year and renew themselves automatically until canceled by the customer or manager (see Cancellation Policy below). Please note that our recurring service plans (referred to as a contract) are self-renewing after the first year.


A). Recurring service plans:

Dependent on how big the structure(s) are that are requested for service, our Bimonthly pest control service plans start at $60.00 and Monthly pest control services start at $45.00.

B). One-time treatments:

One-time treatments usually come with a 30-day guarantee and our service fees are dependent on which pest(s) are a problem and how large the structure might be. This type of service usually starts at $125.00 and can be more money according to the structure size.

Referral Credits:

In the event you refer our services to a friend, neighbor or relative and they also sign up for a recurring service plan (like you did), we will happily apply a $30.00 referral credit to your account as our way of saying "Thank You".

Cancellation Policy:

In the event you might need to cancel your pest control service, all we require is a 30-day written cancellation letter stating the reason for the cancellation. In the event you are unhappy with our service, please contact us to set up an additional service at no additional fee.