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Fire Ant Extermination

Fire Ants Being Exterminated From Home

Get Rid of Fire Ants

If you've ever had the misfortune of running across a colony of fire ants, you already know they're no joke. Known for their venomous stings, fire ants are so called because the stinging sensation of their bite feels similar to burning.

More than causing welts that can itch and hurt for days, fire ants can actually be deadly to allergy-sensitive individuals. Furthermore, fire ants love electricity and can cause serious structural damage to your home by chewing through cables.

Every fire ant you run into could have hundreds if not thousands of friends in your yard or behind the walls, so if you spot any, it's crucial that you contact a pest control professional immediately. At Choice Pest Control, we have extensive experience in fire ant control, and depending on the specifics of your situation, we will either use bait, insecticides or mound drenching to get rid of those pests once and for all.

If your plan is to never see a single fire ant again, you need an exterminator with a proven record, one who focuses on keeping the problem from coming back instead of just solving it in the short term, and one for whom your family's safety is a primary concern. When you need an exterminator you can count on, count on Choice Pest Control.

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