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Termite Control

Home Being Fumigated for Termite

Our Termite Control Process

Call (561) 582-7500 to schedule a free termite inspection. Our trained experts will be able to identify the termite problem and provide you with an estimate for extermination.

Step 1:

Upon our initial inspection of your property, we will determine the type of termite problem(s) you are experiencing and formulate a plan to eliminate and/or control the pest problem entirely.

Step 2:

We will then explain the procedure and/or process that is needed to control your particular pest problem(s) for your home and/or business.

Step 3:

After the service is performed, we provide a follow up inspection and/or treatment to assure that the pest control program is working properly. All of our pest control services are guaranteed.

Customers that contract termite work can renew their termite contract annually. Additionally, termite contracts (if kept active after the first year), are transferable to a new property owner at no additional charge should you sell your property!

If you have an upcoming termite extermination, please review our comprehensive Prepare for Fumigation Checklist that will help you get ready for your upcoming termite extermination.

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report

Termite Inspection of Home

While there is an additional fee, we can also provide a wood destroying organism inspection report, referred to as a #13645 W.D.O.I.R. This is the only accepted form in the state of Florida for reporting wood destroying organisms for mortgage transactions and / or refinancing.