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Residential Pest Control Services

When you need residential pest control, remember that our professional, knowledgeable team of exterminator experts can help you with any pest problem you have. Choice Pest Control will make sure your home is free from bugs and pests.

While we specialize in termite inspection, control and extermination, we have years of experience dealing with all kinds of pesky pests - for homes, gardens, and businesses of every type. Here are some of the pests we've handled over the years:

We can also come to your home or business and perform a complete evaluation of your access points. Then, we can work with you to prevent future invasion with installation of traps and/or exclusion measures.

Either way, we're happy to help you keep your home or business clean and safe. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for an evaluation.

Additionally: Choice Pest Control uses "Integrated Pest Management" (I.P.M.) practices that utilize a varied number of control measures or devices that are less harmful to the environment, which can be either mechanical (i.e. sticky traps) or chemical (i.e. insect pheromones) in nature. Sometimes non-toxic control measures, such as sticky traps, are used to capture insects and to help identify pest problems over time. Insect pheromones attract targeted insects and will draw the insect to the trap(s). Once insects are caught, they can then be identified so your pest control technician can take the correct I.P.M. approach to counteract their presence.